Food & Beverage

Energy and resource efficiency: does your system spend as much downtime as uptime?

Industry issues are focused on productivity, quality, machine safety and aging plants. E2i's manufacturing and assembly solutions reduce downtime by automating your machinery and refining your assembly process overall; production efficiency, speed, and cost-savings are the end result. We'll help you set a solid foundation for consistent, sustainable results, now and for your future growth. Our solid industry relationships and 25-year track record speaks for itself. Clients such as Dawn Foods, Reynolds Consumer Products, Bunge, Johnsonville, and J.R. Short Milling Company, continue to benefit from our energy and resource solutions.

Labor-intensive processes move vigorously toward robots, sensors and conditioned-based systems

The Food and Beverage Industry is not immune to manufacturing and intelligence advancements. E2i's tailored automation and validation solutions have resulted in 25% to 80% cost savings for our clients, immediate 30% pops in efficiency, and in many cases, zero downtime. Click button below to download our Capabilities Sheet:


Services include:

  • Batching & Blending
  • Mixing
  • Packaging
  • Dryers & Ovens
  • Bulk Storage & Retrieval
  • Sheeting
  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • MES

Food and Beverage Production:
process automation delivers
functional systems

What motivates our employees is helping the world in a global aspect, even on a small scale, by bringing a better product through the reduction of human error via solid automation. A good process is a repeatable, streamlined process that meets regulatory challenges; the applications developed to transform your raw materials and data into finished goods are dependent on the expertise of the integrators you choose.

Programming and validation standards must keep up with demand and it is important to know, from the onset, how changing requirements, protocols or timelines can effect meeting your goals. E2i will make sure you achieve efficiency and higher quality standards to keep up with the masses as populations and demand grow.

As materials advance, so does process and equipment design. Does your current system allow for flexibility and sustainability?

Our clients are met with compounded challenges. Their consumers continually demand diversity of choice and regulatory challenges and issues inherent in manufacturing operations are complex and expensive. E2i's industry experience can provide you with end-to-end, flexible manufacturing solutions to meet market demands and maximize ROI for greater asset utilization.