Material Handling

E2i solutions improve system performance with minimum downtime

The material handling industry covers a wide range of applications and market sectors. We develop solutions to produce and ship products to your customers faster, cheaper, and above all with increased quality.  

We're not new to Material Handling

Material Handling usually involves a process that prepares and delivers goods-to-people which can include material retrieving systems, high-speed sorting and packing systems, conveyors, storage solutions, warehousing, and shipping. We can provide you with solutions that you may not be aware of, in order to refine your outdated process, or assist you with strategies to implement a new one. 

Automated Conveyor Solutions

Our conveyor and integrated system solutions increase quality throughput. At the design stage, our engineering team can implement code to enable your system to accurately locate parts and items to prevent damage to critical surfaces. CDLR/roller conveyors are usually powered, but can also be designed for gravity feed. Powered units can utilize slip sleeves that allow accumulation. Belt conveyors are often utilized to provide a large flat surface area to convey parts or items into and out of automated work cells. 

Automated Sortation Solutions

Sorting technologies and equipment can be integrated with your current, or re-built information and process systems to create an extremely accurate and reliable automated-sorting solution. Does your conveyor and sorting system allow for optimized retail and wholesale efficiency and manufacturing distribution? We can help you reduce your labor costs and handle higher volumes in shipping and receiving even with less than optimal storage space. 

Automated Palletizing Solutions

Automating your palletizing provides the means for stacking products safely and efficiently to remain competitive. Typically, palletizers are designed at the entry or exit of an automation system where they pick items from a conveyor and place them onto a pallet in a predetermined pattern. This process is usually accomplished with robotic solutions. Our engineering team can provide palletizing solutions, inclusive of footprint modifications for scalability and future expansion and use.